Nesta Clutterbuck, Dove Cottage: a Short Guide to the Home of William Wordsworth, 1799-1808, 1974(?)

Written approximately 180 years after Dorothy Wordsworth moved to Dove Cottage with her brother William, Nesta Clutterbuck’s guide to their home gives readers an aesthetically pleasing overview of its functions and attributes. Many readers consider William as the most significant writer to come out of this cottage at Town End, Grasmere. However, it is important to recognize that the family’s experiences living in Grasmere also greatly influenced Dorothy, an admirable writer in her own right. Dorothy is best known for the highly observant journals she kept while living here as she carefully and creatively documented her experiences in nature and the community.


Seen below:

Photos of Dorothy’s bedroom and the house’s kitchen; photos of the back of the house, the adjacent garden. These photos now have fresh historical interest, as Dove Cottage has recently undergone a renovation.