Exhibition Catalog

“Dorothy Wordsworth’s Unpublished Letter to Her Niece”

“Excursion Up Scawfell Pike”

“Excursion Up Scawfell Pike”: 1818 Manuscript

“Lines addressed to my Kind Friend and Medical Attendant Thomas Carr,” 1839

“She is a Woman Indeed!”

“Thoughts on My Sick-bed” (manuscript), 1832

Dorothy Wordsworth and Hartley Coleridge: The Poetics of Relationship, 2012

In the Footsteps of William and Dorothy, An Illustrated Anthology, 1957

Journals of Dorothy Wordsworth, 1897

Journals of Dorothy Wordsworth, 1970 reprint edition

Letters of Dorothy Wordsworth: A Selection, 1985

Letters of the Wordsworth Family from 1787 to 1855

The Poetry of Dorothy Wordsworth, edited by Hyman Eigerman, 1940

Abraham Series postcards, “Rydal Mount” and “Wordsworth’s Grave/Grasmere,” c. 1900

Anna Rudelli, “Romantic Food at Dove Cottage: Dorothy Wordsworth’s Cookery and Kitchen Garden,” 2017

Arthur Tucker, illustrations to Eric S. Robertson’s Wordsworthshire: An Introduction to a Poet’s Country, 1911

Carol Ann Duffy, Dorothy Wordsworth’s Christmas Birthday, 2014

Dorothy Wordsworth in Memoirs of William Wordsworth, 1851

Dorothy Wordsworth, “Address to a Child” and “The Mother’s Return” in William Wordsworth’s 1815 Poems

Edmund Lee’s Dorothy Wordsworth: The Story of a Sister’s Love, 1886

Harriet Martineau’s, A Complete Guide to the English Lakes, 1855

Myrtle Reed, “Dorothy Wordsworth,” in Happy Women, 1913

Nesta Clutterbuck, Dove Cottage: a Short Guide to the Home of William Wordsworth, 1799-1808, 1974(?)

Pamela Woof, Dorothy Wordsworth, Wonders of Everyday, 2013