Letters of Dorothy Wordsworth: A Selection, 1985

Although she never considered herself a professional author, Dorothy Wordsworth left a strong impression on history through her writing. And perhaps there is no better way to get to know Dorothy Wordsworth than through the voluminous letters she wrote throughout her life. This book features seventy of Dorothy’s letters that span almost fifty years. After reading Dorothy’s letters in 1883, Dorothy’s friend Caroline Clarkson said, “What a heart and what a head they discover! What puffs we hear of women, and even of men, who have made books and done charities, and all that, but whose doings and thinkings and feelings are not to be compared with hers!” Not only do Dorothy’s insightful, witty, and entertaining letters give incredible insight on her own life and the life of her family and friends, but they also leave behind a historical legacy for modern readers to enjoy.


The picture below shows two of Dorothy’s letters from the selection. Both letters were written for Mary Hutchinson, the future wife of William Wordsworth. These letters illustrate Dorothy’s beautiful descriptions of the people and places around her.